• Cognitive Therapy
    in a calm and
    safe setting

    Psykolog Therese underskrift stor

  • Psykolog Therese velkommen stor

    Max 14 days
    wait time
    16 years of experience

  • Cognitive Therapy
    in a calm and
    safe setting

    Psykolog Therese underskrift

    Therese Ejerskov Autoriseret Psykolog forside photo uden for psykologpraksis
  • Psykolog Therese velkommen

    Max 14 days
    wait time
    16 years of experience

    Therese Ejerskov Autoriseret Psykolog forside photo inde fra psykologpraksis

Licensed psychologist in Fredensborg and North Zealand

I have my private practice in AYA House, which is located beautifully and peacefully in nature, in the middle of North Zealand

Information om Autoriseret psykolog Therese Ejerskov som sidder med en klient der er i behandling

About psychologist Therese Ejerskov

Welcome, my name is Therese Ejerskov. I graduated as a psychologist from the University of Copenhagen in 2007 and licensed by the Psychological Board of Denmark.

I am a specialist in psychotherapy with adults and specialize in Cognitive Therapy and treatment of anxiety disorders, OCD treatment, depression treatment, stress treatment, treatment of low self-esteem and crisis treatment.

I treat adults, and offer supervision of psychologists and other professional groups. I keep up-to-date on the latest research and keep on educating myself to maintain my high level of professionalism.

I started my working life in a large privately owned cognitive psychology center in Copenhagen, where I was for 6 years. After that, I worked in psychiatry at Frederiksberg (Copenhagen), before I made the decision to start my own private psychology practice.

Autoriseret psykolog Therese Ejerskovs behandlingslokale ved AYA House

Welcome – here you are safe and sound

The starting point for therapeutic sessions with me is a collaboration that we create through a safe alliance based on trust, respect, empathy, care and openness. The safe space that arises from this is paramount to your psychological healing process.

I look forward to welcoming you monday through friday at AYA House and online .

Bøger om kognitiv terapi modeller og metoder. Link til metoder og herunder "Samarbejde og Alliance"

Why cognitive Therapy?

Cognitive Therapy is a method that is used by many as “abbreviation” for the evidence-based method Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. On this page, I will use the same abbreviation for the sake of understanding.

Cognitive Therapy is today, internationally, the most widespread and recognized evidence-based form of therapy.

During my 16 years as a psychologist, I have dealt with several therapeutic directions, and all of them have a use case, but the experience from my own practice, and the results from research, show that Cognitive Therapy, and the branches that have developed from it, clearly have the strongest effect on the mental disorders and problems I work with on a daily basis.

That is why I have chosen to specialize in Cognitive Therapy and educate myself in, as well as work with, the branches that provide the best results in my therapeutic work.

Are you thinking about starting?

The booking link takes you to the Danish booking platform.

Choose between these 3 options:

1. Terapi med Therese i AYA House (if you want to book a session at AYA House (see prices in DKK))

2. Online terapi med Therese (if you want to book an online session (see prices in DKK))

3. Walk and Talk med Therese (if you want to book a walk and talk session instead of an inside session (see prices in DKK))



Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before the agreed time, either through Therapist Booking, by email or SMS. In case of missing or late cancellation, the full fee will be charged (also in case of illness).
If the interviews are paid for by your insurance, it typically does not cover payment in case of late cancellation. You will receive an SMS reminder the day before your appointment with me.

Autoriseret Psykolog Therese Ejerskov tager imod MobilePay


Payment is normally made with mobile pay at the end each session. If you don’t have mobile pay, we will find another way.

Sygesikring Danmark giver i nogle tilfælde tilskud til behandling hos Autoriseret Psykolog Therese Ejerskov

Subsidy for a psychologist from the Danish health insurance: Danmark

If you are a member of the “danmark” health insurance, insurance group 1, 2 and 5, and meet the general referral criteria, then “danmark” gives you DKK 300 in subsidy per individual interview with a licensed psychologist. Young people between the ages of 18 and 25 can receive DKK 450 in subsidies per conversation. Within 12 months, a maximum total grant of DKK 7,200 can be given.

Young people under the age of 26 can receive DKK 300 in subsidies from “Danmark” per individual interview, regardless of the reason for referral, and within 12 months a maximum total grant of DKK 2,400 can be given. Grants are also given for interviews online. You can read more about subsidies from the Danish health insurance here. If you meet the conditions to receive a grant from “Danmark”, please contact me, as I report electronically to the health insurance “Danmark”.

Billede der viser de forskellige Sundhedsforsikringer som en psykolog kan samarbejde med.

Health insurances

If you have health insurance, privately or through your workplace, you can probably get your expenses for psychological consultations covered. There is a difference in how many interviews are granted and whether the expenses are fully or partially covered – you can get information about this from the insurance company. If the insurance covers less than the fee for an individual therapy session with me, you pay the difference yourself. Remember to inform the insurance company that I do not accept referrals from your own doctor, and that I do not cooperate with Falck Healthcare or Prescriba.

If you want to use your health insurance, please state this at the first contact and either email the authorization letter (pre-approval) from the insurance to me or bring it to our first interview.

I collaborate, among other things with Skandia, Pensam, Danica, Topdanmark, Gjensidige, PFA, Codan, Dansk Sundhedssikring and others. If you have received an authorization letter from your health insurance, you can contact me here.

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